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In this article we are going to Count Down the Top 8 Methods to Prevent LED Light Bar Theft. The problem with trying to stop thieves stealing your expensive LED Light Bars off your vehicle can be very frustrating. The reason being is that all but the number 1 method we will discuss here are not that practical or even very useful. YENA Offroad Limited has recently developed patent pending anti-theft light bar brackets and anti-theft bolts to overcome these problems. We provide the ONLY solution that specifically addresses all the weaknesses of the following top current methods being used...

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How do you stop off road LED light bar theft? For the longest time now there have only been a few solutions and none of these have been very good. The following are the main problems with current theft deterrents: They only use small anti-theft nuts or bolts securing the light to the mounting bracket. They only use small anti-theft nuts or bolts securing the bracket to the mounting surface. Any security nut or bolt can be removed if the potential thief has the tool it was installed with. No deterrent addresses the biggest weakness, the flimsy bracket. See YENA...

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