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In this article we are going to Count Down the Top 8 Methods to Prevent LED Light Bar Theft. The problem with trying to stop thieves stealing your expensive LED Light Bars off your vehicle can be very frustrating. The reason being is that all but the number 1 method we will discuss here are not that practical or even very useful. YENA Offroad Limited has recently developed patent pending anti-theft light bar brackets and anti-theft bolts to overcome these problems. We provide the ONLY solution that specifically addresses all the weaknesses of the following top current methods being used to stop theft! Now let’s count down the Top 8 Methods:

8.  Park your vehicle in a secured area. As in our featured image, you could hire private security if you don’t have access to private parking off the street. However this could get quite expensive. We all would like to park our beloved vehicles out of the elements and out of the sight of potential thieves or vandals. One option would be to park in a locked park aid but unless you live in such a complex, you will have to walk the rest of the way home. The other option is to park in your own garage but as the Garages Aren't For Cars article points out most garages;

Cluttered garage with no more room, especially a vehicle
  • Are now used for sports, hobbies, or as workshops.
  • Are so cluttered with storage from indoor and outdoor items, a vehicle will no longer fit.
  • Most vehicles have gotten so large they will no longer fit in a lot of the older or smaller garages.  


 7.  Remove your light bar or any other accessories at night, or when not in use.

Truck parked on jack stands with tires and all accessories removedThis is a very safe method of protecting your hard earned accessories. However it is impractical and potentially a very time consuming process. Even if you remove some or all of your accessories when you leave your vehicle unattended, did you not install them on your vehicle for appearance and or practical purposes? You should not have to change how you use your vehicle, or your daily routine due to a dishonest thief.


6.  Park your vehicle in the light. Most of us park our vehicles on the road or in our driveway where we usually just have to accept the amount of street light surrounding us. You could always try find a well-lit parking space a little further from home and hope it is not taken. A for sure answer would be to provide or install your own additional lighting. The truth is at 3:00 AM nobody is awake to stop or see anyone messing with your vehicle no matter how bright the lights are. Also theft usually happens so quickly a well-lit area is usually not a large enough deterrent for most thieves.  

Vehicle parked at night on loading ramp under 3 bright flood lights  Pickup truck parked and illuminated at night  by 5 flood lights

5.  Fabricate a custom bracket.

Display stand with YENA Offroad anti theft led light bar bracket mounted on itThis is a Great Idea but you first have to not only design a custom bracket that stops a thief removing the light from the bracket but also the bracket from the mounting surface. Then you will need to have the facilities and the equipment to construct the brackets. The amount of man hours and cost of equipment to do this does not make it a realistic solution, but wait until when we reveal the number 1 method.

  4. Weld tabs onto the bolts. Welding tabs on the 8M bolt holding the light bar to the mounting bracket would be extremely difficult. Due to the small head of the bolt and size of the tab this solution would not be very strong. Even if you were a welding Ninja and could get a bead between the tab and the cast aluminium bracket. A bigger issue is the tab would stop you loosening the bolt to later adjust the angle of the light bar.  

Ninja warrior wearing welders helmetWelding tab onto 8M light bar mounting bolt

3. Use an epoxy on the end of the bolts.
Light bar with epoxy covering heads of mounting boltsUsing an epoxy will stop removal of the light bar securing bolt with an allen wrench, but does nothing to stop a thief from using a pair of vice grips to simply loosen and then remove the light bar.


2. Buy anti-theft nuts. Buying anti-theft nuts was until now the number 1 method and will usually prevent the removal of the light from the light bar bracket. As shown in this video on You Tube securing the light bar to today’s existing brackets does NOT stop the theft of a light bar. Most light bars are not unbolted but simply removed by a solid tap from a hammer, fracturing the standard cast aluminium brackets. Or bolt cutters are sometimes used to easily cut the bracket not the bolts.

Light bar with broken standard aluminum bracketsPicture of stolen light bar with broken aluminium brackets remaining on mounting surface

1. Secure the LED light bar with anti-theft light bar brackets.
Close up of led light bar bracket mountd on display standUse the only anti-theft light bar bracket on the market today using two steel interlocking halves developed by YENA Offroad. Coupled together the two brackets conceal both the mounting bolt for the light bar and the bolt securing the bracket to the mounting surface. Due to the steel construction and thickness of the bracket it will not break from impacts and bolt cutters will simply not work.


A quick look shows the main load bearing bracket securing a LED light bar in the same way as standard aluminium bracket. Then the interlocking anti-theft bracket is coupled to it. This anti-theft bracket allows access to the bolt securing the light to the load bearing bracket through a passageway. This passageway still allows for adjustment of the light by loosening the bolt but the shoulder in the bracket prevents removal of that bolt and thus the light bar. 

Aattaching a light bar to load bearing bracketCouple the two halves of the anti theft light bar bracket together for assemblyTheft prevention light bar bracket with led light bar attached showing adjustment

The use of the anti-theft bracket alone will help prevent the theft of your light bar by stopping removal of the light bar retaining bolt. The bracket also stops access to the top of the bolt securing the light bar bracket to the mounting surface.

Stainless steel anti theft bolts with protective sleeveWith the use the anti-theft bolts developed by YENA Offroad access to the nut securing the bolt to the mounting surface is also restricted, preventing its removal. The anti-theft bolt incorporates a stainless steel tamper proof sleeve secured on a stepped stainless steel bolt. A tamper proof screw is then installed and an epoxy can be used to prevent its removal. If you desire an even more secure and permanent method, an optional stainless steel security cap can be pressed into the tamper proof sleeve. Once this step is taken you will need to cut or grind off the bracket or the bolt to remove the light bar, which would be very noisy and time consuming. Check out Anti-theft Bolt Assembly Instructions for a detailed description of how the anti-theft bolt and the protective sleeve work together.


In conclusion while nothing is absolutely theft proof, theft is usually a crime of opportunity. By using YENA Offroad Anti-theft Products you will be sending a message to a would be thief that you have taken precautions to protect your property. When he or she realizes how difficult this superior method will be to overcome, they will simply move on to an easier target.


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